Verizon hits reset on its 5G Mix and Match plans with new streamlined ‘myPlan’ offerings

If you’ve been shopping for cellular plans at Verizon, you no longer need to sift through the complex Get More / Play More / Do More / Start 5G plans. The carrier has announced new simplified “myPlan” offerings that seem to ease initial choice fatigue and let you piecemeal the subscriptions and features you want instead.

In a press event on Monday, Verizon Consumer Group’s chief revenue officer Frank Boulben said survey data shows customers want control and flexibility. “Customers don’t like boated bundles, they want to pay for only what they want to use,” Boulben said.

Now when selecting an unlimited plan, Verizon will only show the premium “Unlimited Plus” or base “Welcome Unlimited” options. The new Unlimited Plus plan is basically Verizon’s outgoing top Get More plan, now at a lower price but without the included bonuses like Apple Music or Disney Plus. If you want them, you’ll need to instead add them back as discounted “perks” at $10 each.

Each of these “perks” are an add-on to either new myPlan unlimited plan for $10 each per month.
Image: Verizon

For example: instead of paying Apple $16.95 per month for an individual Apple One subscription, it will cost only $10 monthly as a Verizon perk. Other perks include Apple Music Family, Disney streaming bundle with Hulu and ESPN+, Walmart Plus, Verizon cloud storage, and more.

Unlimited Plus lines gets you mmWave 5G network access, unlimited and un-throttled data, 30GB mobile hotspot, and half-off the data plans for connected devices like Apple Watches and tablets. The pricing is still tiered based on how many lines you want, and is advertised at prices that assume you’re setting up an automatic payment method and no mail-in bills (otherwise it’s $10 more per line). Unlimited Plus is $80 for one line, $70 each for two, $55 each for three, $45 each for four, and $42 each for five or more.

Meanwhile, the base Welcome Unlimited plan foregoes mmWave access and the rest of the Plus-level stuff, but you can still add on perks as you please. Welcome Unlimited costs $65 for one line, $55 each for two, $40 each for three, $30 each for four, and $27 each for five or more.

In the press event, Verizon Consumer Group CEO Sowmyanarayan Sampath said the new plans come after “years and years” of consumer research, and he noted that customers are willing to spend more on a reliable network and save money elsewhere. “They use one-ply toilet paper if they need to, but when it comes to networks, they want quality because of how much time they spend on it,” Sampath said.

The new myPlan offerings are available starting May 18th, with a promise that you can tweak your choices at anytime from your phone using the My Verizon App.

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