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Providing an assortment of ground-breaking features within their software to make life easier for a multitude of business owners, employees, and those struggling with accessibility; accessiBe is rapidly becoming a market leader and enjoys relationships with some of the biggest brands in the world.

What is accessiBe?

Considered a market leader in solutions for website accessibility, accessiBe is an organization based in Tel Aviv, Israel, employing over 100 individuals, and specializes in providing ground-breaking, modernized software to make accessibility and functionality the norm for users with varying needs. Founded in March of 2018, accessiBe has gone on to produce and develop a variety of digital products to assist, support, and provide services in a multitude of effective and efficient ways.

accessiBe and its mission

Trusted and used by an assortment of some of the world’s leading brands and franchises, including BMW, Forbes, and HBO, accessiBe is considered a leading pioneer in the development of accessibility-enhancing software, made to minimize the challenges faced by people around the world. – with additional features aimed at those with disabilities.

Its mission is to showcase its products and expertise in a way that helps the lives of as many people as possible around the world, and with an experienced team in the pilot seat, including developers, programmers, designers, consultants, and more – their goal is to make the world a better place, one client at a time.

Ever since its founding in 2018, accessiBe has made a point of developing state-of-the-art software that minimizes stress, enhances user experience, and reduces the need for its users to handle challenging tasks that they encounter on a daily basis. Driven by enthusiasm and a desire to make the world a better place, the company looks set to expand into other products and deliver a world-class selection of benefits to those in need.

How Does accessiBe work?

With a selection of unique products to choose from, accessiBe makes it easy for you to decide on the ideal one for your requirements and then enjoy a 7-day free trial to get to grips with the potential of their service. They make it an option to take on a brand-new level of website accessibility in a way that minimizes stress and improves productivity, making them a viable solution for a range of reasons.

As an example, accessiBe’s Expert Services department is a tool that allows a business to modernize its level of accessibility and implement digital practices to upgrade, modify, or enhance workflow. This particular service provides media and file accessibility, expert auditing, inspections, and user testing facilities that can assist a business.

Another key feature of accessiBe’s products and services is their automation solutions, which can assist by making it easier for particular tasks to be taken care of, freeing up resources for other activities and practices.

By utilizing automation features, a company won’t just stand to benefit from task simplification and workflow improvement; it could also save money by negating the need for certain personnel to be present. This is one of the key appeals of accessiBe, with companies turning to them when downsizing while still needing particular responsibilities to be taken care of.

accessiBe’s AI-Powered Solution

With an advanced AI tool present within their developed tools, users can take advantage of a simplified approach to the way they operate. accessiBe’s AI-powered program is capable of processing and handling functions within a pre-defined environment, before adopting the specific wants and needs of the user.

This adaptive technology can assist those in need by understanding the particular tasks that they need to handle and then reducing resources expended by saving time as the AI-powered algorithm takes care of specific requirements. Not only can this be beneficial for business owners, but for those suffering from disabilities too – as one of the unique selling points of accessiBe software is to minimize the stresses that disabled individuals struggle with daily.

In fact, the AI-powered solution implemented with access to iBe’s software is more than capable of assisting any of the more than 1 billion disabled individuals that interact with the internet and digital environments every year. By learning without intruding, the software can identify the particular aspects that a disabled individual finds hard to handle, and can even introduce measures that support their activities.

To further reinforce this process, it’s also possible for users to customize their experience via the in-house settings, so that their software works to support them as much as possible. Those suffering from blindness can especially benefit from these features, with more and more being introduced to accessiBe on a weekly basis for both personal and professional purposes.

The Benefits of Using accessiBe for Web Accessibility

With an assortment of website surfing features, including options to turn text to speech, navigate via AI, and other exclusive options, the benefits of using accessiBe for web accessibility are quite apparent. The team at accessiBe is always available to work with organizations and help them to enhance their coding, consulting, auditing, and user-testing requirements.

The Role of AccessiBe in Making Web Accessibility More Efficient and Cost-Effective

With accessiBe, the need to utilize third-party tools (which can be unreliable) or in-house programs designed for web accessibility can be negated, by employing a tried and trusted tool that was developed to make web accessibility more efficient. By turning to accessiBe, a user could save themselves money spent on third-party tools, as well as enhance efficiency.

The Significance of accessiBe in Ensuring Web Accessibility Compliance

Adhering to the most up-to-date legislation regarding data privacy and compliance, accessiBe can help to mitigate particular lawsuits by helping to provide a platform that functions with adherence to best practices relating to discrimination and other similar incidents. Overall, accessiBe is considered a market leader for a reason and with their effective and reliable solutions, more and more businesses are signing up to enjoy their solutions.

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