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Kaynes Technology is an Indian company that works in the field of integrated electronics manufacturing. It operates primarily in the domestic market, but also serves customers in several foreign markets. Since it was established more than three decades ago, this enterprise has accumulated a solid experience of working in the automotive, industrial, medical, nuclear, transportation, aerospace and defense markets. What are the trends of Kaynes Technology’ share price today?

Industrial manufacturing - illustrative photo.

Industrial manufacturing – illustrative photo. Image credit: Testalize.me via Unsplash, free license

Kaynes Technology – Company profile

Kaynes Technology has capabilities in diverse areas of electronics system design and manufacturing, such as conceptual design, process engineering, integrated manufacturing, and life-cycle support. The company works in automotive, industrial, aerospace and defense, nuclear, medical, Internet of Things, and other sectors.

At the present time, the enterprise has eight manufacturing facilities located in different geographical locations in India, including the states of Karnataka, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Uttarakhand. In addition, there are several stand-alone service centers dedicated to specialized types of activities, such as railway, aerospace, and industry.

Kaynes Technology share price trend (March 20, 2023).

Kaynes Technology share price trend (March 20, 2023). Image credit: Google

What are the trends of Kaynes Technology’ share price?

Kaynes Technology’s share price has grown up by 36.53% in the last year and by 27.05% on a year-to-date basis as of March 20, 2003. This is a good result and a strong trend which also proves there is interest in the company from the side of potential and already existing investors.

What about other financial indicators?

Its sales have been growing by 23.92% (CAGR) in the last three years. This index was heavily influenced by exceptionally good results from the last year, 2022, when overall sales grew by a whopping 70.9%. This could spur an increased market interest, particularly if the company is able to maintain a positive and stable year-over-year growth rate even on a smaller scale than in 2022.

Its debt-to-equity ratio has declined as of March 2022 versus 3 last year’s average to 0.81. However, not all of the metrics are positive. The Company’s ROE (Return on Equity) has declined in the last 12 months versus the last 3 year’s average to 6.20%. But the net profit margin of 6.10% over the same period of 12 months (TTM) is at its peak compared with the historic data of several recent years.

Some market experts consider the company’s stocks overvalued, but these assessments are not reliably based.

final word

To sum up, the prospects of Kaynes Technology’s share price are quite good. The value of the stock will probably rise in the near future, and the chances for this to happen are quite good.

Written by Giedrius Pakalka and Alius Noreika

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