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Ukraine is in dire need of armored equipment. Of course, tanks are already coming, there are protected personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery pieces, and other heavily armored machines. However, there is also a need for armored ambulances. Thankfully, Luxembourg is sending 14 armored ambulances to aid the country at war. But what are these machines?

Ukrainian medevac vehicles in a 2018 military parade.

Ukrainian medevac vehicles in a 2018 military parade. Image credit: VoidWanderer via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Military ambulances historically have been based on civilian designs. A huge red cross needs to mark these vehicles and they cannot be armed – this ensures that the enemy knows that this is a medical vehicle, which poses no danger and cannot be destroyed.

Armored ambulances are commonly based on the designs of personnel carriers. Again, weapons are usually not present and countries typically consider medical crews as non-combatants, but they still need to undergo basic military training, because they still can come under fire.

The task of the armored ambulance is medical evacuation from the battle zone and first aid to people injured in combat – both soldiers and civilians.

An armored ambulance is not just a medevac vehicle, though, because an ambulance should have basic equipment to provide medical aid. The level of protection varies greatly depending on the design. For example, the Israeli Defense Forces has modified a number of its Merkava main battle tanks to serve as armored ambulances in urban fighting scenarios – those machines have hugely impressive passive protection.

On the other hand, most armored ambulances are protected from small arms fire only, especially if they are designed on the chassis of conventional vehicles.

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium has announced around a week ago that Luxembourg is sending 14 armored ambulances to Ukraine.

“Another batch of humanitarian aid from Luxembourg, namely 14 armored ambulances produced by the British company Venari, is on its way to Ukraine. Very soon these vehicles will be sent to the front line, where they will fulfill their primary mission – to save the lives of our warriors who defend our country, as well as civilians who are constantly becoming victims of barbaric russian shelling,” the embassy’s Facebook post read.

It seems like Ukraine will get ambulances of different types. Some are 6×6 and some are 4×4. It is obvious that they are based on different machines. However, it is what’s inside that matters – medical equipment to save lives.

All armored equipment is very important for Ukraine now. It is believed that Ukraine is preparing a large counter-offensive operation for this spring/summer. It will involve many tanks and other weapons that Ukraine’s Western allies have promised to deliver. However, a large operation is likely to leave a trace of blood behind itself and Ukraine needs armored ambulances to save the lives of its heroes.

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