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It is easy to get lost in the dynamic tech industry and forget that it’s supposed to make our lives easier. It’s challenging to keep up with new apps popping up daily, and many often require some know-how.

We gathered a list of useful apps in 2023 that you might’ve heard of but forgotten all about. They will assist with time management, work collaboration, catching up with the news, and online safety.

Using apps on a smartphone - illustrative photo.

Using apps on a smartphone – illustrative photo. Image credit: Rob Hampson via Unsplash, free license

1. Password Manager

Protecting your mobile apps with unique and complex passwords would be best to secure them from unauthorized access. According to Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report 2022, password hacking has increased by 74% over the last year. Online accounts are also worth more due to microtransactions drawing more cybercriminal attention.

A password manager is an efficient yet often overlooked cybersecurity software that significantly improves online safety. You can use it to create strong passwords and autofill them without manual typing. Moreso, you only have to remember one master password that will unlock the password vault instead of remembering a different one for each account.

Business computer system administrators can use business password managers to set different access levels to confidential information. They also provide secure password sharing, minimizing the risks of data leakage when employees need to exchange confidential information.

2. TechCrunch

It’s essential to keep up with technological advancement to live a comfortable life in the XXI century. It’s nearly impossible to evade smart tech now, and it will keep becoming a more significant part of our routine in the future.

The TechCrunch app is an excellent way to get Tech-related daily news. It’s run by a renowned website that provides tech news, reviews, opinions, and everything else related to tech startups and the industry.

The app is free to use, but TechCrunch works on a subscription basis and asks you to pay to receive its full exclusive content. It is integrated with Crunchbase, an enormous startup and business information repository. Lastly, the app will send you personalized news suggestions and allows you to save articles for later reading, even when offline.

3. Notoriously

Among dozens of useful smartphone features, reminders must be the most applauded. People have struggled with forgetting things since the beginning of days, and Noterly puts an end to it.

Unlike many other mobile programs, Notrly is minimalistic without overburdening you with unnecessary features. It’s a great design choice for a reminder app to keep it neatly organized.

Once you open the app, click to create a note, name it, and schedule the notification for a precise time. Furthermore, you can set the alarm for time intervals, like every two hours or every few days. Many people rely on their memory because writing the notification down takes some time, which is not always present. Noterly simplifies this process as much as possible, and it’s free to use!

4. Microsoft 365

Slack is the most popular name when discussing work collaboration software. As effective as it is, we’d like to offer Microsoft 365 as an alternative.

Firstly, most companies use one Microsoft product or another from the Microsoft Office suite. Although the company has struggled to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses, the current Microsoft 365 stage is exceptional.

Microsoft Office 365 provides access to Word, Excel, One Note, Outlook, Skype, and PowerPoint. The service diversity addresses numerous business and personal online needs, such as direct messaging, project management, data analysis and writing tools, and email services.

Furthermore, it’s cross-device compatible, working smoothly on PCs, Macs, phones, or tablets. Microsoft uses its own Cloud structure to manage user data. Cloud-based services are exceptionally important for business enterprises because they save unnecessary server maintenance funds.

Lastly, employees can access data on a Cloud from whatever device they use whenever they have an Internet connection, which is excellent for long business trips or large-corporation management.

Final Words

All recommendations but the last are free to use, so you can try them out. However, Microsoft 365 has a one-month free trial, which is more than enough to test its capabilities before making a subscription. All selected software programs assist your daily routine in various ways but are not nearly as popular as they should be.

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