Reddit has been down for more than three hours

Reddit is in the midst of an hours-long outage that’s affecting its websites and apps, according to the company’s status page. I’m consistently seeing an error message when trying to load Reddit on my Chrome browser.

However, a fix may be near. “We’ve identified a fix which may take some time to implement, in the meantime ready your bananas 🍌 (or eat them!),” the company wrote in a 5:43PM ET message on its status page.

Reddit’s primary Twitter account is making light of the situation. “Enjoy the productivity,” it wrote at 6:37PM ET. “We’ll be up and running again soon.”

It’s taken a while to get to this point. “We’ve identified an internal systems issue and are working to determine a fix,” the company said at 12:56PM ET on its status page. The preceding message, from nearly 40 minutes before, noted that Reddit is “currently offline.”

The problem appears to be widespread, with a peak of more than 60,000 people reporting issues on Downdetector. The volume of reports appears to have fallen, but that may be because fewer people are actively reporting issues given how long the outage has lasted. Many Verge Staffers have been experiencing problems loading Reddit as well.

It’s unclear exactly what the issue is. Reddit’s status page says that both the desktop and mobile web are going through a “major outage,” while native mobile apps are experiencing a “partial outage.” The iOS app is still very broken for me; the Home and Discover tabs are showing content but not comment threads.

When reached for comment, Reddit spokesperson Courtney Geesey-Dorr pointed to the company’s status page.

Update March 14th, 6:41PM ET: Added new tweet from Reddit.

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