Narwal Freo – a mop with a mind of its own

Family life can be fast paced. The ever-growing need for a two-income household means people are always looking towards tech for solutions to keep the household clean and tidy. The trusty bucket and mop are increasingly a luxury for people who have time for such arduous chores. Thankfully advances and innovations in cleaning technology mean products like the Narwal Free (opens in new tab) can take the headache out of maintaining a clean home, and do all the chasing around after dirt and spills for you.

Narwal Free

(Image credit: Narwal)

Coming home to clean and shiny floors is one of life’s simple pleasures, and the Narwal Freo promises to deliver this by not only tackling both carpets and hard surfaces with a combination of vacuuming and superior mopping skills, but by cleaning itself when it’s done. Here is a closer look at all of Narwal Freo’s smart cleaning functions.

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