ChatGPT goes social: AI chatbot integrated in Twitter rival Koo – Technology Org

While Twitter is trying to sort out its technical and personnel-related woes, its competitor Koo steps forward with a new technological development – integration of the ChatGPT chatbot.

Using a smartphone - artistic visualization.

Using a smartphone – artistic visualization. Image credit: Rodion Kutsaiev via Unsplash, free license

Koo is a social networking platform that was launched in March 2020 in India. It was developed as an alternative to Twitter, particularly for Indian users who prefer to communicate in Indian languages. The platform allows users to post short messages called “Koo”, as well as audio and video updates.

Since its creation, Koo aimed to compete with Twitter both in terms of user service quality and functionality. Its latest development – the integration of ChatGPT – is expected to facilitate the creation of new content.

AI algorithm will help users create posts more easily. Koo users will be able to assess ChatGPT functions directly within the social platform’s app and quickly create draft messages related to the most recent and trending news or about their own life.

This will help creators get inspiration on what to create. They could ask (ChatGPT) for the trending news in their region and then write their thoughts,” commented Mayank Bidawatka, co-founder of Koohe.

Koo is the first social network to introduce AI chatbot technology for the purposes of content creation. Using this functionality is simple: users will be able to either write their prompts in a ChatGPT command line, or use the voice recognition feature.

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