This little-known outfit sells a 98-inch screen with a laser pointer for just a shocking $2,700

98-inch screens are the next big thing when it comes to display, and it’s refreshing and surprising to see that one tiny Dubai-based company is looking to make a splash with its offering – that also doubles as an Android TV – for about a third of what other rival displays cost, especially when compared to digitalsignage and largeformatdisplays.

Evvoli, owned by Masa FZE, sells its flagship display, the 98EV600MA (opens in new tab), for just under 10,000 Emirati Dirham – about £2,300 or $2,700, excluding sales tax. No one has yet reviewed it, but from the spec sheet alone, one can gather that it is a reasonably capable model, regardless of whether you want to use it for entertainment or business.


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