ChatGPT in cars? General Motors could pursue this opportunity – Technology Org

Artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT are great. But using them in cars, wouldn’t it be too far-fetched? General Motors is actually considering using it in its vehicles.

ChatGPT on a smartphone - artistic visualization.

ChatGPT on a smartphone – artistic visualization. Image credit: Levart Photographer via Unsplash, free license

The possibility of integrating ChatGPT into everyday products could be a great opportunity, thinks General Motors Vice President Scott Miller. His company is exploring possible ways of how an advanced chatbot could increase the functionality of cars. According to Reuters, this idea is being considered in collaboration with Microsoft.

“ChatGPT is going to be in everything,” said Scott Miller in a recent interview.

The chatbot is now seen primarily as a digital assistant that could help drivers access all vehicle-related information in a more convenient way. It could also become an assistive system in the future driverless cars.

For example, the owner would not need to browse for the necessary bits of data in an owner’s manual, or enter necessary configuration parameters by hand. The chatbot could go as far as modifying calendar schedules or programming external car-related appliances, such as garage doors.

General Motors has been working in cooperation with Microsoft since 2021.

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