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Building a relationship with a listenership of potential clients or consumers through podcasting is a terrific idea. But podcasting only succeeds if you have listeners. Nobody wants to work hard to start and produce a podcast only to feel like they are talking into the void.

Podcast recording equipment - illustrative photo.

Podcast recording equipment – illustrative photo. Image credit: Fernando Lavin via Unsplash, free license

That naturally raises the topic of how to attract listeners to your podcast. Which promotion technique should you choose to boost engagement? What can you do to ensure your podcast statistics are moving upward?

Let’s look into some practical podcast marketing ideas you can use to promote your podcast to gather more traffic.

Marketing through social media

One of the best ways to advertise a podcast is through social media. Setting up accounts for your podcast on a few specific social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, would suffice. You only need to be present on the platforms where your target audience is active.

Image credit: cottonbro studio via Pexels, free license

Image credit: cottonbro studio via Pexels, free license

Spend some time on your profile page filling out your bio, picking a profile photo, and adding links to your show. You can use your social media platforms for more than just podcast marketing. You can actively interact with your listeners and take their viewpoints and questions to make your presence felt.

Share Podcast Highlights

Why not go back and make shorter, minute-length clips? Both viewers who enjoy watching lengthier episodes and those who prefer to share shorter snippets will be engaged by your content.

These videos are easily digestible by new viewers, who can then choose to watch your other videos after getting a taste of your show. Also, the social media algorithm will recommend your other videos, making it simple for visitors to watch more of your material.

Using email marketing

To let your audience know what you’ve been up to for them, you could email them every time you publish a new episode. Some podcasters space out the emails to receive a surge in downloads a few days after they go live.

Alternatively, you may be more selective and email your list when you have a guest or interview that is particularly impressive. Other podcasters send out weekly or monthly emails with episode roundups.

Using Audiogram

For podcasters who don’t have videos, an audiogram is a podcast marketing strategy that uses visuals to promote your audio content. It consists of an audio track, a sound wave, and a picture. A transcription of the video is occasionally included, much like subtitles. Users accustomed to seeing video material on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will find it more appealing.

Podcast Directories And Aggregators.

Podcast directories and aggregators provide the link between you and your podcast audience. Your target audience can find and follow your content on these listening sites.

Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels, free license

Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels, free license

There are many options, but some are more well-liked than others, like apple play, Spotify, etc., and some are tailored to particular requirements, like video podcasts. The good news is that you don’t have to pick just one. It’s beneficial to post to several directories.

All you need is the RSS feed your podcast hosting platform will generate. You can submit it to any of the directories you have an account, and you are good to go.

One thing here to pay attention to is your hosting platform service provider. Depending on your podcast’s hosting service, you can locate your RSS feed address without must hustle. Usually, it is generated automatically. However, if you are a newbie looking for a reliable hosting service, we recommend Fireside FM. To know more, check out the Fireside FM review here.

Make the best of YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most significant online avenues for podcast marketing today. The extent of your podcast’s digital footprint can more than double if you publish it to YouTube. You will gain visibility on a platform that is accessed daily by billions of people. It’s a crucial strategy for enabling your audience to access your content from any location.

Spend money on podcast SEO

You must understand how to optimize your podcast for search results if you want it to receive more traffic. This calls for using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices for your website and the podcast.

Image credit: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels, free license

Image credit: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels, free license

(Source: Pixels)

Using focused SEO keywords ensures that your podcast appears when potential listeners conduct a topical search.

Organize Giveaway Contest

Giveaways, especially among viewers, can be a solid motivator to increase listenership and create traction.

As one of the prerequisites for entering your contest, ask listeners to rate and subscribe to your podcast. You’ll experience a sharp increase in the social stats of your podcast as you encourage listeners to engage with it, and podcast directories will start to take note.

Frequently asked questions about podcast marketing.

How much does marketing a podcast cost?

Your plan and methods will determine the price of your podcast promotion. While some strategies, like establishing a social media presence, are completely free, others, like hiring an agency or hiring paid advertising, might cost as much as your budget will allow.

Can you monetize podcasts?

Yes, you can once you have enough listeners.

Why is marketing for podcasts important?

With the substantial increase in podcast listeners, marketing has become an essential element of podcasts.

How can I market podcasts for free?

There are various ways to advertise your podcast for free. You’ll need to produce high-caliber content, understand your audience, and work with other creators in your niche.


It takes trial and error to figure out how to market and promote a podcast. Testing a few different approaches is necessary to determine your show’s best podcast marketing mix.

Additionally, you must maintain a proper internet connection if you plan to pursue podcasting. However, not all internet issues require waiting for your internet provider to come to the rescue.

Normally you can diagnose the problem yourself. Before you skip, check out this excellent, easy-to-follow guide on How to Use an Internet Speed ​​Test to Test and Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection that might save your day.

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