More projectiles for Ukraine: Even U.S. lacks production capacity, but manufacturing rates are being improved – Technology Org

Complex machinery is required to make artillery parts and projectiles such as those used in Ukraine. But if you need much more shells, you may need more machines, too. And building them is not an easy or fast task.

A Ukrainian team fires a round from an M777 howitzer.

A Ukrainian team fires a round from an M777 howitzer. Image credit: Ukrainian Army

This is why the United States is trying to pursue two courses: increasing production capacities as fast as possible (even if this still happens slowly), plus seeking options to make artillery rounds in other facilities in foreign countries.

Meanwhile, the US is accumulating raw material stocks to prepare for future manufacturing needs.

The process of acquiring new equipment for military production takes a long time, says Douglas Bush, assistant US Army secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology. These machines are the size of buildings. You don’t just go buy it from a parking lot somewhere.”

In his interview for Defense One, Douglas Bush mentioned that the US has most of the material reserves required to produce artillery ammunition, including chemical precursors to explosives and special grades of steel. But not all materials can remain in storage for longer periods without losing their chemical or structural properties.

However, supplies of steel and similar resources are more than adequate. The expert also noted that several countries have expressed their interest in cooperation possibilities, including the Polish aim to produce Javelin anti-tank guided missile, and the Australian proposal to manufacture precision-guided munitions.

US officials also note that American companies have been expanding their production lines and increasing rates of production for artillery rounds since the start of the war in Ukraine. The country expects to produce 20,000 shells a month this spring, and around 40,000 by 2025.

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