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We’ve all been there: when far away from your beloved person, desperate for sending kisses through emails or phone conversations. But what about sending physical kisses, just remotely? This device is designed to do exactly that.

This gadget was apparently developed and manufactured by a Chinese company and is reportedly available on some e-commerce platforms.

Remote kissing device (manufacturer's photo).

Remote kissing device (manufacturer’s photo).

How does it send kisses remotely?

The device has a physical interface that is molded after the shape of human lips. These silicone lips also have the ability to move, and their internal set is packed with multiple sensors and actuators.

Sensors measure the movement of your lips during a kiss, while actuators help the silicone surface form shapes corresponding to the actual shape of your lover’s lips.

According to the product data sheet, it is even capable of sensing the temperature of the user’s lips and apparently can replicate the heat “coming” from the distant intimate partner.

Remote kissing device (manufacturer's photo).

Remote kissing device (manufacturer’s photo).

And that’s not all: the device comes with an integrated microphone and speaker combo, so you can even hear the sounds your beloved makes while he/she kisses you.

To use it, you need a smartphone app, and connect the “remote kissing” device to your phone’s USB port.

Here’s the video demonstrating the operation of the remote kissing device:

In Chinese social media, this invention caused a strong stir, with lots of contradictory reactions. Some are fascinated with the possibility of facilitating “love through a distance”, while others call this contraption vulgar and horrific.

On social media platforms, hashtags related to this gadget have accrued hundreds of millions of views in a single week.

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