U.S. President: “Ukraine does not need F-16 fighter jets, for now”, there are more important things to give – Technology Org

In his interview for ABC News, United States President Joe Biden said that Ukraine “does not need F-16s now,” as other types of support are more important at the current stage of the Russian invasion.

“At the moment, according to our military, there is no sufficient reason to provide F-16s,” the US President noted.

F-16V in flight.  Image credit: Lockheed Martin

F-16V in flight. Image credit: Lockheed Martin

But asked if this statement means “never”, the US President replied that nobody knows what Ukraine would require in the future. This could mean that depending on changing circumstances, the decision to supply American-made F-16 fighter jets could be made sometime in the future.

During the same interview, the US President also explained that all the current supplies are based on the recommendations of US military experts who have solid practical experience on actual battlefields.

“We’re sending what our seasoned military thinks Ukraine needs now. They need tanks, they need artillery, they need air defense, including another HIMARS”, Joe Biden responded to the journalist’s question.

According to the President, all the equipment and other war-related supplies are being selected and provided based on one major criterion: contributing most efficiently to Ukraine’s success in the spring, summer, and early autumn of this year.

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