Save about $30 on the new vibrant yellow Beats Fit Pro earbuds

The colorful new variants of the Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds just came out yesterday, and today, the yellow model is already on sale. You can pick up a pair of “volt yellow” Beats for $169.83 at Amazon, $30.12 off their regular $199.95 price. New products and colorways usually take a little longer than one day before they start seeing some discounts, but if you dig a tennis ball-like color for your electronics (the electric volt Xbox controller says hi!), then you’ve got yourself a nice deal here on something new and fresh.

Not only are the Beats Fit Pro now brighter than ever but they’re also one of our favorite pairs of Bluetooth earbuds — especially for running and fitness. They sadly lack the convenience of wireless charging in their slightly oversized USB-C charging case, but that’s made up for with excellent sound, great noise cancellation, Find My integration with Apple devices, and an impeccably secure fit in your ears. Read our review.

If you’re looking for a capable slate but don’t want to pony up for Apple’s latest tablet, the entry-level iPad It is currently on sale at Amazon and Walmart in the 64GB configuration with Wi-Fi for $269 ($60 off). That’s not the lowest price we’ve seen on the 10.2-inch tablet given it’s been known to fall to $250 or so, but it’s still nearly $130 cheaper than the current sale price of Apple’s 10th-gen model.

In many ways, the last-gen iPad is a bit dated. It’s outfitted with bigger bezels, a borderline-archaic home button, and a Lightning port, making it the lone USB-C holdout in Apple’s current tablet lineup. That said, it should be able to accomplish pretty much anything the newest model can do thanks to its A13 Bionic chip and compatibility with iPadOS 16. Plus, it’s got a 3.5mm audio jack, making it a show-in for kids or anyone who wants to stick with a pair of trusty wired headphones over the many, many wireless models out there (no judgment here).

Yeedi's Vac 2 Pro robot vacuum sitting on a hardwood floor charging against a wall.

Like other Yeedi models, the Vac 2 Pro is a robovac built specifically with budget in mind.
Image: Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Robot vacuums can get expensive fast, especially when you begin to factor in auto-empty docks, lidar mapping, and various mopping capabilities. However, there are budget-minded options like the Yeedi Vac 2 Prowhich is currently on sale at Amazon via Woot for an all-time low of $259.99 ($190 off).

Yeedi isn’t a household name like Roborock or iRobot, but there’s a lot to be said for an affordable robovac that ticks all the right boxes and comes with a few high-end features. The Vac 2 Pro packs an impressive 3,000Pa of suction power and an oscillating mop that’s terrific at scrubbing floors, along with support for voice commands via Amazon Alex and Google Assistant. It can falter when it comes to mapping — it uses a top-mounted camera over more advanced lidar-based SLAM mapping — but it’s fairly intuitive at navigating around objects, making it a good bet if you’re someone who is less than tidy and can do without an auto-empty dock. Read our review.

The now-discontinued rugged speaker offers beat-centric LED lighting and the same all-day battery life as the XB43 as well as a hefty amount of bass for its size and an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. It also comes in a range of fun colors (including black, blue, red, and tan) and touts a USB-A port for charging various gadgets, meaning you can just toss it in a backpack and ditch your power bank at home.

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