Grab your headsets, a VR mode for ‘Resident Evil 4 Remake’ is in development

Resident Evil 4 trailer freaks the internet out

Image via Capcom

There have been quite a few Resident Evil games over the years, and while some are great (part 2) some are not (part 5), the one that stands apart as a bonafide classic is Resident Evil4 (RE4). With the news of a remake in the works, fans had a reason to get excited all over again. Now there’s even better news: it’s coming to PSVR2.

The VR mode for Resident Evil4 has begun development! Please look forward to more details in the future!”, the official Twitter account for the franchise said. A follow-up tweet provided even more encouraging info: “The VR mode for Resident Evil4 will be released as free downloadable content for PlayStation 5 / PlayStation VR2.”

This is great news for a few reasons. Like mentioned before, RE4 is not just one of the best RE games ever, but one of the best video games ever, period. Also, the previous one RE remakes have been really, really good. They also haven’t been on VR, so there’s that.

The PSVR 2, by the way, has been getting stellar reviews. It took everything good about the last version and improved it. You can also play all regular PS5 games on the device, so that’s another really great thing about it. Alas, there’s also some bad news. You know how the base digital PS5 model cost around $400? The PSVR 2 is going to cost more. Like $550. That’s nothing to shake a stick at.

Probably worth it. RE4 is due out on March 24. The PSVR 2 was released today.

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