DCU skeptics think James Gunn’s most ambitious crossover plans are already doomed to fail

james gunn

Image via Warner Bros. Discovery

DC fans are arguing the merit of James Gunn‘s perilous plan to incorporate video games into the film and television aspects of the franchise.

The announcement that the company will produce video game extensions of DCU films and TV series did not go over well with everyone. One fan took to the r/DC_Cinematic subreddit to lament the many ways they find the plan problematic. They reasoned that it’s best to separate video games from films and television narratives, as it allows more space for creativity.

Other DCU fans shared OP’s sentiments. One agreed with their observations and explained that creating a successful video game is such a complex process that it would be difficult to produce high quality games for multiple franchises.

Another Redditor thinks the addition of video games to the DC franchises is not sustainable due to the immense and the demands it puts on actors.

Others chimed in on the hazards of game development, describing it as a money pit in conjunction with the restrictions that come with DC’s long-term character development plans.

Another Redditor pointed out that the plan might succeed under the right circumstances. They pointed to Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor video games as precedents.

Some were less skeptical. One fan pointed out that DC video games could have their advantages. For example, they might keep film and tv storylines alive between their respective sequels and seasons.

There are many valid points in the fans’ discussion about the pitfalls of making video games connected to DC films and tv shows. To some, the glass is always half empty. Another view worth considering is that as new technologies develop, new possibilities exist. Perhaps DC’s plans to add video games to their franchises will make them pioneers. After all, if they do it right, everybody wins.

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