China: We are not considering sending lethal support to Russia – Technology Org

Yesterday, China’s Foreign Ministry issued an official statement saying that the country will not be sending lethal support to Russia that could be used in the war against Ukraine, and is not considering doing so.

Beijing - illustrative photo.

Beijing – illustrative photo. Image credit: keso’s via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This announcement has been made as a response to NATO countries that previously have voiced concerns over the possible delivery of Chinese weapons to the Russian Federation.

“The United States and other NATO countries are now constantly spreading that China may provide weapons to Russia, which is a ploy that was used and busted at the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis,” the Ministry said during the daily press briefing.

China’s Foreign Ministry called such comments baseless speculations coming from the “old Cold War mentality”.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin noted that the US and NATO allies are the largest source of weapons used on the battlefields in Ukraine. However, recently China has been pledging to strengthen ties with Russia, amidst a series of meetings with officials from the Russian Federation.