‘The Last of Us’ fans have PETA on speed dial for one potential scene in next week’s episode

'The Last of Us' rabbit hunting scene

Image via Naughty Dog

Warning: this article contains potential spoilers for future episodes of HBO’s “The Last of Us”.

We’ve been left with quite the cliffhanger after the sixth episode of The Last of Us, and find ourselves two thirds of the way through the first season’s run. Fans of the game have a pretty good idea of ​​what’s to come next, but it’s fairly safe to say that Ellie’s going to need to fend for herself for at least a moment.

This has gotten fans over on The Last of Us subreddit thinking about an infamous scene from the game, in which Ellie goes hunting, and offs an adorable and unsuspecting bunny rabbit.

Now, one of the perks the video game medium has over live action is being able to dole out animal cruelty without actually harming animals. Something tells us we’re not going to be seeing a live version of the cutie featured in the thread get shredded to pieces by a well-placed arrow, if anything we’re expecting some cut-away magic.

That said, the scene does offer up a great deal of symbolism pertaining to Ellie and her need to survive on her own, so it’s not something that should be committed. Perhaps the showrunners will opt for a shot of the rabbit, a cutaway to Ellie releasing the arrow, then a dead prop rabbit. That, or, heaven forbid, a janky CGI shot of ol’ Roger Rabbit getting impaled.

One commenter made note that there is potential for the exact same shot to be used, but for the arrow to miss, seeing as the show has made a point of Ellie’s subpar aim so far. Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: if any real rabbit meets their demise, Sony an HBO will have hell to pay. But we need to see this scene in some fashion, because symbolism, so work it out, Neil and Craig.

We’ll find out soon enough, The Last of Us is back with a new episode this Sunday on HBO Max.

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