‘Hogwarts Legacy’ welcomes new students and professors Mickey Mouse, Mario, and Professor Oak thanks the magic of mods

Professor Oak, Mickey Mouse, and Mario mods in 'Hogwarts Legacy'

Image via ToastedShoes/YouTube

In a series of videos that can only be described as a pop culture nerd’s fever dream, YouTuber ToastedShoes has gone and absolutely destroyed his copy of Hogwarts Legacy by modding away pretty much every single NPC in the game with various recognizable characters from different popular franchises.

Fantasia-era Mickey Mouse takes the place of the protagonist who still sounds way too much like Daniel Radcliffe, while Professor Figg, being the player character’s mentor and gateway into the Wizarding World, is appropriately replaced by Professor Oak. Antagonist Ranrok is replaced by Grogu, because of course he is.

From there, it’s pretty much just incarnate chaos. Did we mention that everyone is carrying a gun instead of a wand?

Other noteworthy (and rapid-fire) appearances we spotted included Chica from five Nights At Freddy’s, Dora The Explorer, Mr from ice Age, and Jimmy from Bully. We’d be here all day if we were listing each and every new resident of Hogwarts in this video.

ToastedShoes credited all of the creators of the mods that turned his game into a multiversal hellscape in the description of his video, if you were looking to treat your PC copy of Hogwarts Legacy in a similarly hilarious fashion.

This wasn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last time mods steamroll their way through the most detailed take on the Wizarding World we’ve ever seen – with the classic game-bomber Thomas The Tank Engine already making an appearance almost immediately after release, but not in the way that you think.

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