Blumhouse takes a momentary break from movies to launch its own horror video game universe

Image via Blumhouse

With blockbuster treasures like Get Out, The Invisible Manand The Black Phone serving as bright stars in the Blumhouse film catalog, it should hardly come as a great surprise that the ever-popular production company is momentarily switching gears and choosing to focus on the official launch of its own horror-fronted video game subsidiary. And with how widely popular the established corporation already is, horror fans will surely be jumping at the chance to purchase Blumhouse games.

As per Bloody Disgusting, Blumhouse is set to collaborate with indie game developers and creators to begin crafting some of its own video games. The official report states that Jason Blum and his team will offer these creations to gamers that use both console systems and PC. Before the production house officially revealed the news publicly, Blumhouse apparently appointed several key company members to specific roles to get the wheels effectively turning in the direction of the new pulse-pounding venture.

Michael Myers in 'Halloween Ends'
Photo via Blumhouse Productions

In hindsight, the recently launched step feels like a move in the right direction for the future of Blumhouse, along with its ever-growing admiration. Such a business decision will undoubtedly help the company expand to a wider audience — especially when you consider that gamers and streamers make up such a large online demographic. And with once-popular horror games like Friday the 13th: The Game Losing steam over the years, Blumhouse’s golden opportunity to capitalize on horror games for characters like Michael Myers or M3GAN feels like a smart decision.

Further details of when Blumhouse’s games will be publicly available remain discreet for now, but those interested should check back here for future updates as they become available. In the meantime, horror fans can surely start theorizing over which games they’re most excited to play.

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