Latest Fantasy News: ‘The Last of Us’ fandom takes thirst traps a step too far as the world ponders ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ DLCs

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There’s no line the internet won’t cross when it comes to sexualizing characters that should be left alone, so The Last of Us is obviously facing that onslaught to some extent. Maybe we’re just surprised to learn the unfortunate soul on the receiving end of this weird attention is one of the Infected.

In other news, a StrangerThings Cast member has reflected on his crazy Hawkins journey, making us wonder if these kids will be able to pull off being teenagers in the fifth and final season. Check out all of this and more in today’s fantasy roundup below.

Will Hogwarts Legacyone of the most controversial games in history, also receives DLC?

Hogwarts Legacy
Image via Warner Bros. Games

Hogwarts Legacy is going down a treat among gamers despite all the controversy surrounding its launch, so a lot of people are wondering if Avalanche will continue to develop their Wizarding World title because of this huge commercial success. As with a lot of open-world role-playing games, a DLC should be a given, but considering the fact that the studio has already come under fire for making this game, they might decide to let it rest. When asked about it, here’s what the game director Alan Tew had to say:

We’ve been really heads-down bringing [Hogwarts Legacy] to life. So at the moment, there are no current plans for DLC.”

Finn Wolfhard reflects on his StrangerThings journey, calling us old in ten different languages

Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler
Image via Netflix

It’s strange to think it’s been almost a decade since the show started, but we’ve definitely seen stranger things since. Finn Wolfhard has recently expressed dismay at the fact that he started working on the show when he was 12, and the fifth and final season will premiere when he’s 22. That time spent in the limelight hasn’t done anything for his hairstyle, but we can safely say the Hawkins gang no longer consists of teenagers when the show returns for its last outing.

Hell becomes a favorable option as well The Last of Us Fans thirst after a Bloater from episode 5

Bloater from The Last of Us
Image via Naughty Dog

Remember that terrifying Bloater creature from The Last of Us episode 5? It looks like some parts of the community are actually thirsty after it, coming up with a fond nickname. “Big Daddy Mushroom” is apparently a thing now, to the extent that even the creature’s actor has noticed it. God only knows how we can begin to explain it, but in fairness, we’ve seen worse things from the internet, the place where dreams go to die.

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