FBI says the hack of its computer network “is now contained” – Technology Org

Although it is still not clear when this incident occurred, the FBI has now contained the aftermath of the hacking attack and is now investigating it in detail.

FBI cars - illustrative photo.

FBI cars – illustrative photo. Image credit: Aranami via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

The official statement on this matter was released on Friday. The incident itself was first publicly reported by CNN. According to scarce bits of information, only computers located in the FBI’s New York office were involved.

During this cyberattack, the internal computer network of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been affected. Representatives of the organization have stated that this incident was of an isolated nature. This means that likely none of the external networks have been impacted.

“The FBI is aware of the incident and is working to gain additional information,” the agency commented after it received a request from Reuters. No further details were provided.