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Canada will provide 200 Senator armored personnel carriers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Senator APC.  Image credit: Roshel

Senator APC. Image credit: Roshel

The news was announced by Anita Anand, Canadian Minister of National Defense, after a meeting with Ukrainian Minister of Defense Reznikov.

The decision to transfer two hundred units of these specialized vehicles was approved after a request from Ukrainian officials. Approximately 100 Senator APCs have been delivered to Ukraine last year, and a part of them was assigned to the Border Guard Service, which fights against the Russian invasion alongside the regular army.

Senator APC with the top-mounted gun turret.  Image credit: Roshel

Senator APC with the top-mounted gun turret. Image credit: Roshel

Apparently, these machines proved to be reliable and versatile.

“We’ve heard it clearly: Ukraine’s Armed Forces appreciate the maneuverability, durability, and agility of Canadian-made Roshel armored vehicles,” Anita Anand wrote in a recent notice on her Twitter.

What is Senator APC? A deeper look at its technical specs

The Senator is a multi-purpose vehicle designed primarily for law enforcement and border guard patrol service. It is manufactured by Canadian company Roshel, based on a Ford F-550 heavy-duty pickup truck chassis.

This armored car is primarily used as an armored personnel carrier, manufactured according to European CEN B7/STANAG level III ballistic protection standards using heat and noise-insulating materials. The ballistic capsule provides 360-degree protection. The engine and passenger compartment walls can stop a 7.62mm armor-piercing sniper bullet. The driver’s cabin uses ballistic bulletproof glass.

Senator APC - passenger seats.  Image credit: Roshel

Senator APC – passenger seats. Image credit: Roshel

According to some reports, the hull can protect the crew from a nearby hit by a BM-21 Grad rocket.

Roshel manufactures both petrol and diesel versions. Units are equipped with 6.7L V8 diesel engines developing 330 HP at 2,600 rpm, achieving a peak torque of 750 Nm at 2000 rpm. All wheels are driven, coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Protected gun turrets can be mounted on top of the vehicle. Optionally, this car can be outfitted with a CBRN air filtration system, protecting against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

Senator APC - driver's cabin.  Image credit: Roshel

Senator APC – driver’s cabin. Image credit: Roshel

Senator APC also has the following features:

  • side gun ports,
  • escape hatches,
  • advanced locks,
  • external view cameras,
  • air Conditioning Equipment,
  • up to 12 mine-protected seats,
  • heavy-duty winch.

While being an armored vehicle, it is not designed to participate in frontline combat operations. However, it is a perfect choice for rapid and safe transportation, personnel evacuation, or delivery of supplies. It can also act as a mobile command and control unit.

Senator APC front protection elements and video monitoring unit.

Senator APC front protection elements and video monitoring unit.

The Canadian Senator APCs are serving with the Armed Forces of Ukraine along with other armored vehicles provided in a form of military aid by several countries: American HMMWV, Australian Bushmaster, Turkish Kirpi, German Dingo, and also American-made M113.

After the recent success – which was primarily demonstrated in Ukraine – Roshel plans to ramp up the production of Senator APC to 1000 units a year.

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