Latest Fantasy News: A big name joins the campaign to save ‘Warrior Nun’ as fans reexamine the effects of a ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ purchase

Netflix is ​​creating a spiraling void of cursed cancellations, thanks to its apparent lack of faith in fantasy properties. The streamer has, since 2020, canceled a full 25 separate fantasy releases, disappointing thousands in the process.

Warrior Nun is not the latest Netflix favorite to get the axe, but its fanbase may be the most vocal. The Warrior Nun Fandom hasn’t slowed down a bit, in the two months since the show was cancelled, in their campaign to see the series return for a third season. Recent news that a major player joined the ranks of Warrior Nun die-hards is rallying the fanbase even more and could see the series’ prospects improve.

The television and film world is clearly taking a bit of a break from fantasy — at least until shows like Shadow and bone, House of the Dragonand Rings of Power return — but the video game world is thankfully compensating. Releases like Hogwarts Legacy and One Piece Odyssey Continue to spur conversations, one positive and one negative. No one has much to complain about when it comes to Odyssey — and its broad character selection — but there is far more uncertainty around Hogwarts Legacy. The game’s ties to JK Rowling continue to turn some fans away, but others remain mired in debate about whether supporting the game is the same as supporting Rowling’s views.

One Piece: Odyssey Offers up a large number of playable characters

The Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece Odyssey
Image via ILCA

The latest One Piece The game is already a hit among fans of the popular anime series, after less than two weeks on the market. The game is separate from the main story’s canon, which allows players a relatively stress-free experience, and one with a broad selection of characters. Playable characters include the obvious choices — like Luffy and Zoro — but also branch out into a range of less common options. Users can enjoy gameplay as a full nine separate characters and enjoy all the individual abilities they possess.

What does a Hogwarts Legacy purchase really mean?

Hogwarts Legacy - newspaper
Photo via Warner Bros Games/YouTube

The impending release of Hogwarts Legacy puts Harry Potter fans in a tough position. Many people want to give the game a try, enjoy its magic system, and support the hard-working team behind it without giving Rowling a thought, but knowing that game sales will line Rowling’s pockets is giving them pause. Is it possible to buy the game and still support the trans community, or is it a Hogwarts Legacy Purchase a betrayal to the community at large?

A big name signs onto the Warrior Nun campaign

via Netflix

The campaign to save Warrior Nun just gained a new member, and it could be enough to improve the show’s prospects. Time magazine published a story, penned by Laura Zornosa, digging into the show’s cancellation, fan backlash, and the potentially wide-reaching effects of continued fan pushback. Such a major publication chiming into the debate can only mean good news for the Warrior Nun fandom, but it may not be enough to save the show entirely.

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