Latest ‘Last of Us’ News: Fans react in horror to a negative ‘Last of Us’ review as newcomers dig deep into the game’s lore

The official debut of HBO’s The Last of Us Adaptation is days away.

The series is set to air its premiere episode on Sunday, Jan. 15, and invite a wealth of new viewers into the Last of Us fold. Early reviews largely paint a thoroughly promising picture of the upcoming show, but one negative is enough to shake the fandom. People didn’t lash out, as expected, to a review calling the series “average,” but they also weren’t happy.

Most of the population has far more faith in the adaptation. Even TikTok is throwing their support behind the adaptation, and sharing clips of scenes perfectly mirrored from game to live action. This is garnering even more interest in the show, even from those unfamiliar with the story, and they have some questions.

Namely, people want to know more about Riley, Ellie’s friend featured across The Last of Us trailers. The character is a vital part of Ellie’s history, and fans are eagerly looking forward to her live action debut. There’s also the question of how often the show will release, as the streaming era continues to complicate release schedules.

Is The Last of Us on a weekly release schedule?

The rising prominence of streaming services has irreprably altered the media landscape. Different streaming platforms approach their releases differently, and the existence of so many options — including rapidly-diminishing cable options — leaves many viewers confused about the new show’s release schedules. The Last of Us is stick to the tried and true weekly release formula, and is set to drop fresh episodes every Sunday — starting on Jan. 15 — at 9 pm Eastern Time.

TikTok helps to ease concerns about HBO’s adaptation

Bella Ramsey as Ellie in 'The Last of Us'
Image via HBO

The vast majority of video game adaptations are dead on arrival, so fans are going into The Last of Us with a healthy dose of skepticism. Early reviews for the show are largely positive, and a series of TikToks compare the series to the games that inspired it are raising hopes. The videos compare key scenes next to each other and, if they are any indication, the show is paying close attention to its source materia.

But a negative review kneecaps high hopes

Image via Liane Hentscher/HBO

Hype has been on a slow rise as new information releases about the HBO adaptation, but a recent, lackluster review is souring expectations. A review calling the show “aggressively average” didn’t garner any fan backlash, but it did disappoint a range of eager viewers. People have high hopes that they’ll disagree with reviewer Kirsten Acuna’s harsh perspective.

Newcomers seek out more information on Riley

The Last of Us on HBO
The Last of Us/HBO

Even without the wave of reviews littering entertainment sites, The Last of Us is piquing the interest of a brand new crowd. These newcomers are digging up any information they can find on the story behind the upcoming series, and they’ve now turned their attention to Riley. Ellie’s old friend is a vital part of her backstory, and HBO looks prepped to delve deep into their relationship.

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