Bayonetta 3 patch improves gameplay, but the Nintendo Switch still holds it back

The latest Bayonetta 3 patch has just dropped, offering a swathe of solid gameplay improvements that should make the playable characters’ journey more enjoyable.

Patch 1.2.0 for Bayonetta 3 launched with detailed patch notes, showing us the latest round of improvements PlatinumGames has made to the Umbra Witch’s latest Nintendo Switch adventure. The full notes can be read over on Nintendo’s support website (opens in new tab).

The patch’s improvements for Bayonetta 3 are largely gameplay related, primarily focusing on tweaks to secondary character Viola’s move set. For example, Platinum has now eased the conditions that allow her to activate Witch Time, a time-slowing ability that makes it easier to unleash combos on enemies. Previously, Viola’s Witch Time activation was frustratingly inconsistent and felt a little unnatural, so it’s nice to see the developers address this flaw relatively quickly.

Bayonetta 3 new character Viola close-up

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Changes have also been made to some of the more frustrating Niflheim bonus challenges. These bite-sized missions task players to meet certain criteria, such as defeating a number of enemies within a time limit or taking as few hits as possible. A handful of particularly aggravating Niflheim challenges have now had their requirements eased.

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