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For those who are concerned: apparently, this Twitter leak does not contain passwords. But is still dangerous.

Twitter app logo.

Twitter app logo. image credit: antonio1zamudio via Deviant Art, CC BY-ND 3.0

However, the database is available on the internet now and anyone can download it (for free).

So what is stored in this latestaccount leak? According to an article published in The Register, it includes account names, handles, creation dates, follower counts, and email addresses. It is related to an earlier leak reported last month, when data of more than 400 million Twitter accounts was breached.

Experts say the lower number of accounts in this database is due to the fact that this information has been filtered and duplicate records have been removed. But now this data is listed for free – while in December it had a price tag of $200,000.

The list of affected accounts includes well-known people and organizations, such as Donald Trump Jr., Google CEO Sundar Pichai, SpaceX, the US National Basketball Association, CBS Media and the World Health Organization.

The size of the database is 63GB. It does not contain phone numbers, passwords, or physical addresses, but could still pose a serious risk due to the possibility to mine valuable information from the existing pieces of information, and could be used to engineer future cyber attacks.

Twitter does not comment on this issue.

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