‘The Last of Us’ fan art masterfully etches out the impending chaos just days away from making its debut

HBO’s adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is a few weeks away from its official debut, and fans can hardly contain themselves.

Trailers for the show indicate that it will stay true to the story contained within several hugely popular games, and early reviews are already promising a gripping and heart-wrenching adaptation. Fans of the games, behind the upcoming series, are counting the days until Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey debut as Joel and Ellie, and celebrating the show’s upcoming premiere via delighted posts to social media and fan art.

The latter comes in many shapes and forms, but one of the most impressive arrived on Reddit on Jan. 3. Designed by the inarguably talented JustRalphyyy, a collection of comic book covers honor the forthcoming series in impeccable style, reimagining Pascal and Ramsey in stylized, nostalgic comic book designs.

Each of the images included in JustRalphyyy’s post depict a moment from the trailers or early stills and flawlessly capture the various stars prepped to join the Last of Us universe via HBO’s series. Each comic comes with a 30-cent price tag and several teasers of what is contained within. They also play on locations and moments from the games, and take “readers” from the Cordyceps outbreak through to “the hospital,” a location game fans know far too well.

The original poster was roundly praised in the comment section for their post, as people flocked to commend JustRalphyyy’s clear talent. Several people made requests for weekly, episodic editions — something JustRalphyyy seems amenable to — and suggested they share the art with The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann himself. Several fans are even interested in prints of the gorgeous comic book covers.

The stunning covers are just the latest in an array of art celebrating the incoming arrival of The Last of Us adaptation. The incredible, popular games were nearly adapted once before — in a project that was blessedly abandoned — but HBO’s attempt looks to be exactly what fans were hoping for: A gritty, true-to-form live-action approach to a story that is already utterly perfect.

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