Logan Paul responds to CryptoZoo scamming accusations, threatens to sue YouTuber Coffeezilla

Internet personality, boxer, and pro wrestler Logan Paul has responded to claims by YouTuber Coffeezilla, aka Stephen Findeisen, that the CryptoZoo project, an online game built with NFT and blockchain technology that Paul has promoted, scammed people out of money. His reply? “You have a funny way of twisting things.”

In a series of three videos, Findeisen has alleged that Paul did not pay the developers of CryptoZoo, a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based Play-2-Earn (P2E) NFT game that allows players to collect, trade, and breed non- fungible animals to earn crypto. Hely additional claims that other developers involved in the project lied about their credentials. Findiesen has posted testimony from players claiming that they have lost significant sums of money to the game and he accuses Paul of keeping silence in the face of accusations that the game was not functioning as promised.

In Paul’s rebuttal video, he states that CoffeeZilla started out with good intentions but has become “addicted to clicks” and can no longer be considered impartial and that he has “morphed” from an “investigator into a gossip channel” in an attempt to gain clout. Paul then went on to point out what he described as discrepancies between CoffeZilla’s reportage and the facts concerning CryptoZoo.

First Paul identified one of Coffeezilla’s anonymous sources, known in his videos as “Z,” as a developer by the name of Zach Kelling. Paul then went on to describe Kelling’s somewhat lengthy criminal record including several felonies. He also provides evidence that Kelling was lying about his expenses and staff and had an agenda against Paul and CrytoZoo when he appeared in Coffeezilla’s videos.

Paul then addressed claims that the game was not functioning as designed, and that players were unable to hatch their eggs in order to gain access to their tokens. “One second of research would prove that to be false,” Paul responded in the video. “You can definitely hatch eggs and even breed your animals,” he added alongside video footage of players hatching their eggs in the game.

However, the response does include the stunning admission by Logan himself that he himself was fooled by con artist Eddie Ibanez, a man Paul says “fooled billionaires, the Mormon Church [and] the owner of the New York Yankees” in the video — and then immediately sets any blame for wrongdoing associated with CryptoZoo squarely at Ibanez’s feet.

Paul then went on to accuse Coffeezilla of spreading disinformation, and accused him of recording an allegedly private phone call with Paul’s manager Jeff Levin. Paul announced his plans to proceed with litigation against Coffeezilla, stating “I suggest you use the money from your Patreon to hire a good lawyer, you’re gonna need it. See you in court.”

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