‘The Witcher’ fans are convinced CD Projekt is trolling Netflix with that Nilfgaardian armor addition

The long-anticipated next-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is rolling out in two weeks, and the most questionable addition so far has been the Netflix-inspired Nilfgaardian armor, which you can toggle on from the menu.

That’s right, folks, the controversial Nilfgaardian armor from the first season of The Witcher on Netflix, which most fans fondly remember as the “scrotum armor,” is officially making a comeback through the next-gen patch. And as you’d expect, almost every user is wondering the same thing: Why would CD Projekt resurrect a design that even Netflix got rid of as soon as we saw a hair of the Nilfgaardians in season 2?

As if we needed more confirmation, CD Projekt has just posted a video on their official TikTok channel that seems to be trolling the Nilfgaardian foot soldiers chilling in the White Orchard region. They just so happen to wear the scrotum armor, but we’re willing to keep the dev’s dirty little secret if that’s the only sign we’re going to get.

Out of everything they could’ve included from the Netflix live-action adaptation, this is the thing they choose. They’re not going to just come out and say it, but this is definitely taking a jab at those production designers working under Lauren S. Hissrich.

Does it also shrink in the cold?

Some people hate the Nilfgaardian armor so much that they won’t even toggle it on for memes.

In case your sense of humor matches CD Projekt, you can witness the terrifying march of Emhyr’s fearsome legions, this time with the scrotum armor, when the next-gen update releases for free on Dec. 14.

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