Nvidia teams with Microsoft to build large-scale cloud AI computer – Technology Org

Nvidia today announced it will join forces with Microsoft with the objective to create a “massive” computer for AI applications based on cloud computing technology.

Nvidia chip in a mainboard - illustrative photo.

Nvidia chip in a mainboard – illustrative photo. Image credit: Pixabay, free license

This new AI system will run using Microsoft’s Azure cloud. According to preliminary plans, it will contain tens of thousands of graphics processing units (GPUs), most likely those based on Nvidia’s latest and most powerful H100 and A100 chips.

The cost of the project was not disclosed, but industry experts say it is possible to estimate the total price based on the prices of individual GPU chips. For example, a single A100 is priced within a range from $10,000 to $12,000, while the H100 is even more expensive than that. If we take at least 10,000 units of A100, then the total cost of the project may easily reach $100 million, but probably even more.

Nvidia will also collaborate with Microsoft’s engineers in developing AI models and applications. Nvidia also plans to become one of the first customers using the new AI cloud server.

“We’re at that inflection point where AI is coming to the enterprise and getting those services out there that customers can use to deploy AI for business use cases is becoming real. We’re seeing a broad groundswell of AI adoption … and the need for applying AI to enterprise use cases,” said Ian Buck, Nvidia’s general manager for Hyperscale and HPC.

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