New German repair center for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be established in Slovakia – Technology Org

That’s a serious attitude and commitment to user support: Germany continues expanding the network of repair and maintenance centers aimed at fixing equipment for the Ukrainian Army.

New repair center is being established by Germany in Slovakia.

A new repair center is being established by Germany in Slovakia.

Military vehicles are just like regular cars – if you don’t maintain them properly, they will break. And when the military gear is located in Ukraine, it is certainly difficult for German experts to provide all the necessary technical assistance. Such repair centers exist, for example, in Lithuania and Poland. Now, Slovakia will have one, too.

German Minister of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, already announced the fact that the Bundeswehr is about to create a repair center in Slovakia with the purpose of restoring and maintaining equipment that is used in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Lambrecht also disclosed that up to 5000 Ukrainian soldiers will receive the necessary technical training in Germany by June 2023.

There is no doubt that such a move will create new opportunities to use military vehicles to their full potential.

A good example is the self-propelled gun PzH 2000. It is a brilliant long-range artillery system, but its capacity is limited to 100 shots a day. If this limit is exceeded – this machine experiences increased wear and breaks more easily. Naturally, it is difficult to limit the number of operations when you are located directly on a battlefield, and maintaining the PzH 2000 in a proper condition quickly becomes a sensitive issue limiting its military potential.

Recently, Germany has also increased the number of equipment provided to meet the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A number of other EU countries are also transferring German-built equipment to Ukraine. Many of these vehicles use modern technologies, and that is why their maintenance becomes more complex, requiring deeper and narrower specialization. This concerns the IRIS-T air defense system, 4D radar stations, and different types of armored vehicles. Increasing the efficiency of repair-related logistics is an extremely important step.

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