Germany allocates 1 billion euros to strengthen Ukrainian cyber-defense – Technology Org

Germany will give 1 billion euros ($1.03 billion) in financial support to Ukraine. These funds will be used to improve the country’s cyber-defense capabilities, and also to collect and document the evidence of war crimes done by the Russian military.

Network equipment - illustrative photo.

Network equipment – illustrative photo. Image credit: Nikolay Kondev via Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain

This financial aid will be allocated from Germany’s 2023 budget. It is also a relatively large amount. Germany is the third largest military donor to Ukraine, but when comparing precise numbers, it lags significantly behind the US in terms of weapon deliveries.

“The Ukraine budget makes clear that our support goes far beyond the important and necessary weapons deliveries We are investing massively in peace in Europe and Ukraine,” commented Robin Wagener, a representative of the Greens party, which is currently the strongest advocate of providing military support to Ukraine.

In Ukraine, multiple teams are formed to collect all possible evidence of crimes conducted by the invading Russian army. This includes human rights abuses. A part of the money will be directed toward the needs of civil society, including the protection of humanity.

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