France provides 6 additional Caesar self-propelled guns for Ukraine – Technology Org

France has announced it will be providing additional Caesar 155mm self-propelled guns for Ukraine.

French Caesar self-propelled howitzer during live fire.

French Caesar self-propelled howitzer during live fire. Image credit: US Army, Public Domain

This is an important decision in two aspects.

First, Ukraine needs these artillery weapons to improve its capabilities of resisting Russian military attacks.

Second, this military support from the French side means the resolve of the allied country to provide help at a significant expense – originally there were only 76 Caesar units in the service with the French Armed Forces, while the production capacity for new howitzers remains limited.

According to the announcement from the Minister of Defense of France Sébastien Lecornu, six additional Caesar self-propelled guns should arrive in Ukraine in the nearest possible time, possibly within a few weeks.

Ukraine already uses 18 units of Caesar self-propelled howitzers that were provided by France earlier. Additional 6 units complete the original commitment to transfer a total number of 24 units to Ukraine.

According to the unconfirmed information from French media, these 6 Caesar units most likely will be taken from an earlier order that was intended to be supplied to Denmark, according to a contract signed in 2017.

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