‘Gears of War’ creator’s dream cast for upcoming Netflix film is exactly what the fans want

Image via UpUpDownDown/YouTube.

The creator of the popular shoot-em-up game Gears of War is revealing that when it comes to casting for the upcoming Netflix film that was just announced, his heart is completely aligned with fan demands.

Fan-favorite pick Dave Bautista was specifically named by Cliff Bleszinski as his top choice for portraying the lead character, Marcus, as well as “a Latino actor for Dom, dammit.”

Bleszinski, the former Epic Games video game designer who helped develop the Unreal and Gears of War series, went on to explain how Carlos Ferro, the original voice actor for Dom, was cast in the role. It turns out, Bleszinski playing Splinter Cell and being disgusted by the stereotypical accents of the Latino characters in the game is what inspired him to find someone who can be more subtle.

Yes, Dave Bautista immediately began trending as soon as a Gears of War movie was announced. However, it is not simply fans who want the wrestler-turned-movie-star to play the part. Bautista himself has expressed an interest in wanting to play the role should a movie be announced, as he explained in an interview a few years back on the YouTube channel GameSpot Universe. Plus, Bautista was even honored by the developers of Gears 5 by making him a playable character in the game in a limited release. A trailer for the game that was released on YouTube even featured Bautista in live-action donning the iconic suit of the alien-slaying coalition.

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