New Chinese swarm kamikaze drone – is it a copy of Israel’s Mini Harpy? – Technology Org

This Chinese drone looks very similar to Israel’s Mini Harpy multi-purpose tactical loiting munition.

This Chinese drone could be technological equivalent of Israel's Mini Harpy.  Image via Defense Express

This Chinese drone could be technological equivalent of Israel’s Mini Harpy. Image via Defense Express

Military developers from China have demonstrated a prototype of a new kamikaze drone and a special multi-launcher platform for swarm-based UAV attacks.

Observers quickly noted how closely this development mimics a military product from Israel’s Armed Forces: the Chinese prototype uses the same launcher concept and an extremely similar drone.

For now, it is difficult to conclude whether the Chinese system is an exact copy or not. In the military industry, licensing product designs is not an uncommon practice, but reverse engineering is still possible, too.

If the new Chinese UAV is a copy, then the speed at which this development happened is truly impressive, because Israel’s Mini Harpy system was introduced only three years ago, at Aero India 2019 Exhibition.

The Chinese platform can be called “MLRS for kamikaze drones”. It consists of a wheeled platform with 18 launcher containers, capable of launching drones in swarms.

The construction of the drone is based on a folding wing concept. Before launch, the wing rests along the hull and rotates 90 degrees after the start.

This UAV is equipped with a camera and can carry different loads. According to the mission’s requirements, it can be configured to perform reconnaissance or to act as a kamikaze drone.

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