Garmin’s top running watch just got beaten by Coros Apex 2

The Coros Apex 2 and Coros Apex 2 Pro have landed, boasting specs to rival some of the top trail-running watches around right now. Coros has always been something of an underdog compared to giants of the category, such as Garmin, and although we haven’t yet had the opportunity to review the watches in full, it’s likely at least one of them will end up on our best running watch list if their specs sheets are anything to go by.

Boasting multi-band satellite connectivity for pinpoint accuracy, Coros Apex 2 and 2 Pro are tailor-made for trail and tri events. A rugged raised bezel, with sapphire glass and titanium-alloy case, the digital “knob” on the side of each watch is, like the feature on the original Apex and the new Apple Watch Ultra, designed to be operated with gloves on while moving .

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